Feeling Merry and Bright


I have been spending a lot of my free time lately taking some online classes to brush up on my coding skills for work. Doug thought I needed a break.
The other night he surprised me after dinner with a trip to Jones Beach to see their holiday light show. It didn’t occur to me until we hit a bit of traffic that we were not headed home.
He asked why there was so much traffic.  I responded with, "Oh, it’s probably from the light show at the beach." About a minute later I followed that up with, "Wait, don’t we live in the opposite direction of the beach?" LOL.
I loved driving around the beach at night and looking at the lights.  The smell of s’mores in the air.  Christmas music  coming from the surround cars.  We were even serenaded by a car full of young children, much to the embarrassment of the driver!
We’re Doug & Mia. We’re hoping to become first-time parents through private adoption. Adoption certified. Home study approved. Adoption ready.
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Making Ornaments for the Tree


Our Christmas Tree has been up for about a week now.  But it felt empty.  Like something was missing. 
Something was!  There were no LEGOS!  Everything else we love is on the tree.  Lights. Traditional ornaments. Family ornaments. Star Wars. Doctor Who. Family guy. Minions. Even Sponge Bob. 
How could we, die-hard LEGO people, NOT have any on our tree?! So naturally Mia took to Pinterest and started to fix the problem.
Lego Ornaments, part 1.
We’re Doug & Mia. We’re hoping to become first-time parents through private adoption. Adoption certified. Home study approved. Adoption ready.
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Mia Baked a Turkey Cake


In honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow, I (Mia) baked a turkey cake today.  It’s not as gross as it sounds, lol.  The cake looks like a turkey.
I love baking.  I just have not always had very good luck with baking.  It’s not my fault the cake exploded. I was 9.
True story.  I baked my very first cake with my mom.  My job was to put the pre-measured ingredients in the bowl when I was told to.
It seemed we skipped the baking powder along the way.  I was quickly measured and handed to me to be tossed in at the very end.  At least we think it was baking powder. We think it was mostly measured.
Well, long story short, there was a bang in the oven. The middle of the cake was all over the oven.
As an adult with a Pinterest problem, I have bravely headed back into the kitchen to bake.  I have not exploded any more cakes, yet, anyway, lol.  I have, however had a few disasters.
Growing up my entire family was obsessed with the Entenmann’s chocolate chip cake.  Naturally, they stopped making it. So we moved on to a boxed chocolate chip cake. 
I had promised my friend I would make a chocolate chip cake for a New Year’s Eve party she was having.  I baked it in a Cookie Monster cake pan and later frosted him blue.  It smelled really good. 
I never did find out how it tasted.  Seems in the middle of the night "aliens" invaded the kitchen and ate the entire cake. That too, sadly no longer sits on the shelves.  That was a problem.
I found a recipe on Pinterest for the closest version to the Entenmann’s cake as possible.  The first try, the batter was like paste.  I scrapped it and tried again.  The second time, not much improvement.  I baked it anyway.  It took way longer to bake than it should have.  The outside of the cake looked good. It smelled good. None of could get past the first forkful. It ended up in the trash bin. 
So for Thanksgiving, I decided to try it again.  I purchased a white cake mix. I powdered a cup of semi-sweet chips in some of the dry mix to keep them from sinking. Folded them into the batter. Poured it into my bundt pan and crossed my fingers.

I was more worried about the decor on the cake than messing up the mix. LOL. I microwaved some frosting to make it a glaze to pour over the cake. I popped a wafer
cone,covered  in frosting, in the middle. I stuck some M&Ms on top and voila!  A turkey cake is born!

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The Story of Our First Best Day Ever


This is the story of our very first best day ever.
It was a chilly night during a very crazy week. I got stuck at work, was lost, and running late. Nothing was going to stop me though. Doug and I had a date with some good friends and some really tasty dumplings.
One year and two days earlier, Doug and I had met for the very first time. On our first date. A spontaneous road trip to China Town that ended around a big wooden table eating dumplings with his friends at his station in Queens, NY. 
To celebrate our anniversary, Doug recreated our first date. He even coordinated everyone’s schedules so we could all be there together. Little did I know, that we would end the night celebration so much more.
On November 19, 2015, Doug got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I actually snatched the ring from the box before he could finish asking, lol!
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Annual Dumpling Day Celebration


Every November 17, Doug & I celebrate our first date & love of dumplings. 
We had been introduced via a text message from a mutual friend of ours a few weeks prior.  We had become Facebook friends and had been texting for a couple of weeks before our first date happened.
It wasn’t a planned date. It was a spontaneous outing to Chinatown, because Doug was hungry and I really wanted dumplings, lol. 
We not only met for the first time that night, but it turned out to be our first date as well. The image we uploaded was taken during our very first celebration. 🙂

Every year we celebrate "Dumpling Day" and set aside some time to take a trip back and grab some more dumplings. We’re hoping to be able to share our annual tradition with a little dumpling of our own.

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Traditionally Classic with a Twist.

Traditionally classic with a twist. Those were the words we used when asked what our wedding theme was. Two years later these words still ring true. We like to put our little stamp on things. Doesn’t everyone?

You’re probably wondering why I (Mia) am getting all nostalgic up in here about weddings. Let me explain.  It’s my really good friend’s fault.  She’s planning her wedding.  That’s all I needed to hear before the gears started going again, lol.

But I digress, back to me (us), lol.  I decided it was time to finally put up the Pinterest Board I meant to do like two years ago.  This requires me to describe our wedding theme.  I admit this is an odd way to start a blog post.  But the simple task of creating a Pinterest board, has given me (us) the answers, words, adjectives we have been trying to pin down lately. <- Like what I did there? Lol.

Describing yourself should be easy, no? Nope. We start typing. Then deleting. Cursor blinking at us over the blank field, judging.

We’re quirky. Fun. Unapologetically geeky. It’s true, lol, but hard to show. Explain. Express. Short of speaking like Yoda. Do that I can. Doug can speak fluent movie quotes. Neither of which really expresses who we are.

We collect LEGOS. We build large sets together.  We have videos of us doing so. But it’s hard to show someone how much we would love to be able to share this passion with a child of our own one day. To welcome a little builder into our family.

So this is where we circle back to traditionally classic with a twist.  Our ceremony was in a church, but not the full mass. I (Mia) walked down the aisle to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujiah (piano only). Together we walked back up the aisle to the Hallelujiah Chorus on the organ.


Our rings were family heirlooms passed down to us from our parents and grandparents. I (Mia) wore converse under my ball gown style wedding dress.  I had TARDIS charms on the laces and matching socks.  There was transformer pinned to the garter belt, too.

Our bridal party walked into the reception to The Muppets Manah Manah. Our table had a LEGO heart, built by Doug, with a bride and groom. We cut our cake to Star Wars Cantina Song. Luke & Leia stood atop our cake.   We even had a giant armadillo groom’s cake, because Steal Magnolias.

This is us. This is how we do. We embrace our geeky side. We selfie. Snapchat. Netflix and chill. Jump in the car and drive out of state. Foodies. Donuts are life.

We are open. Honest. Tell it like it is.

Our friends are our family. Our family are our friends.

We are hoping to become parents through private adoption.

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Ghouls Just Wanna’ Have fun


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Halloween weekend in Sleepy Hollow, NY?  I think so!

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That’s No Moon!



This past weekend  was an enjoyable quiet one.  Doug was working Saturday  and I hadn’t made plans.  I took the opportunity to do something I hadn’t done in a while- breaking in some new recipes!

We Keep A Star Wars Kitchen.

That’s No Moon! 
I decided to surprise Doug with some peanut butter brownies.  While I baked I had Sunday dinner slow cooking in the Ninja cooker.
Doug and I tackled some DIY on Sunday when we realized we needed to replace the faucet on our bathroom sink. By “We", I mean Doug, lol. I mainly handed him tools and paper towels when needed. I make a great assistant!

Shiny New Faucet.

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Rock Paper Bricks



This past weekend was about relaxing and rockin’ out.
Doug and I spent a relaxing Saturday in.  It seems I was a little too relaxed, lol.

I accidentally napped during Lego time.
While Doug has added golf to his favorite things to do I added origami to mine.  I find it very relaxing.  I finally have flowers that won’t bother my allergies!

My giant origami tulips.
Sunday night my friend Heather and I went to a show at Jones Beach.  Nothing like nice weather, great music, and awesome friends to end the weekend with!

Rockin’ the selfie.
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