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When in doubt..Google it.  It’s been my mantra for years.  Those words have gotten me through many an overwhelming situation. Like that time when I worked at IKEA.

I had been working in the big blue box for about seven years when I applied for the position as Systems Trainer.  It seemed a natural choice since I could already design your office, check the inventory, find it’s air location book your order, return it, arrange to ship from another warehouse, ring it up over the phone while removing a serious paper jam and still not have to put my coffee down.

It was only after accepting the position that I discovered the position had been changed,  It had transitioned to IT. Luckily I am a fast learner. I was shipped out of state for a three days for a crash course in all of the things people go to school to get certified in.  In three days I learned how to make my own ethernet cables, run cat-5 through the showroom, repair a dead phone line on the PBX board, rack a server, ICC a terminal for our network, and for everything thing else there was Google.

By the end of year eleven, I had moved on from controlling the tech needs of over 200 users and said a tear-filled goodbye to my flat packed family. I was now working in the city at a startup – a neighborhood news site. By this time I had a good background on the tech side of things. However, my grasp of studio equipment DSLRs, and Final Cut Pro were a bit shaky. Fortunately, I had become the ultimate Google machine.


Taking silly selfies at Alumni Night with one of my most favorite people – Lynn.

In the six years, I have been here we have grown from covering one borough to all five, and added a second city to our news family. Twice the amount of code, twice the amount new features, and countless views depending on the device.  The need for testing had grown from when you have time to a full position.  One I eagerly took on.


This is what a QA Analyst’s desk looks like.  A giant wall of technology, lol.  Not shown are the multiple test phones and tablet.


Our focus switched from manual testing to automated.  Automated testing requires coding. Something I have not done since that one semester in college back in the late 90s. Like a good neighbor, Google was there pointing me to Python classes, tutorials, and forums.

11951098_10204474214591606_7498015260767570306_nMy first suite of tests.  Go me!

Now as Doug and I are starting to grow our family, there is so much to learn.  So many questions to ask.  Choices to make.  Worries. What ifs.  I know we aren’t the only ones.  There are others out there. Going through it.  Gone through it.  Those questions were asked. Answered. Blogged. I just need to stop. Breathe. The answers are out there, and every little Google helps.

My thoughts via Daily Prompt: Doubt