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My first interaction with LEGOs was accidental.  I was rooting around in the basement looking for something to play with when I struck gold. A discarded handful of my older sister’s LEGOs. I knew from watching her that you stick them together. Then you pull them apart.

I couldn’t pull them apart.  The pieces were too tiny. I smacked them on the floor.  I stepped on them. I even tried using my teeth. But no luck. Frustrated I dropped them and never looked back.

I did end up getting some age appropriate Mega Blocks.  They were big. They came in a big yellow bucket.  They never got stuck.   I loved them. They were my constant companion until I outgrew them and discovered Play Dough.

When I met Doug I learned that LEGOs were a thing.  Like Star Wars and Doctor Who.  I had no idea!

He proudly showed off his collection.  The Death Star, Super Star Destroyer, and R2D2 just to name a few.  He introduced me to the separator tool!  Life changer.

I started adding to his collection. At first it was just presents for him.  Then it became presents for me. My first set was a small Doctor Who TARDIS. I moved on to the Christmas toy shop to put under my tree.  Then The Simpson’s House and Kwik-E-Mart.

These days I Netflix and LEGO.  It’s therapeutic. I hum to myself as I hunt and peck for my pieces. I concentrate only on the task at hand.

Doug and I build together.  I help him find pieces.  He fixes my mistakes.  He does all of the bag ones. I do all of the bag twos.  Together we have built an impressive collection.  I wouldn’t say it’s massive, although some of the pieces are.

As much as I have grown to love the little pieces, I secretly long to have the bigger ones. The child friendly size. The DUPLO kind.  To share our love of building with our wee little builder.

This is a response post to today’s  Daily Prompt: Massive