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Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I did not wake up excited.  I am not wearing a stitch of green. I am not feeling lucky.  I’m cold. I’m tired. I was not fortunate enough to work from home today. I had a meeting.  I needed to be in the office. I am dreading the commute home.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not the grinch of St. Paddy’s. I just prefer to celebrate it a bit more quietly than most.  A shepherd’s pie here. A Guinness stew there.

I’m not saying I’m not fun. I just don’t do so well in large crowds. I work in Manhattan. Today’s the Parade.  I’m screwed.

I sit and wait for my meeting to start. I stare at the bowl of paper cranes on the table. It’s like someone gave one water after midnight and they multiplied. In a good way. No evil gremlins. Just bowls and cups of little colorful cranes. Scattered throughout the office. They are bright and colorful.  Folded from Post-Its.  Ingenious.


I google paper cranes. Wikipedia tells me they are a symbol for good fortune.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day. A day of four leaf clovers. Pots of gold. Leprechauns and luck.  Maybe I still have a chance?

The parade ends at 5pm.  I leave at 4pm.  Most people won’t leave early, right?  Theres’s still a chance that Penn Station won’t be too crazy. I’m going to try to stay positive. Maybe even get a green bagel at lunch, or some Lucky Charms. I am going to be calm. I am going to take a little green crane home with me just incase.




Daily Prompt: Luck