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If writer’s block had a face, it would be Nelson’s from The Simpsons. You know the bully that points and laughs? Well, my bully has taken the form of an empty text box on my About Us page. The cursor blinks at me, laughing. Ha-ha.

I haven’t been this blocked since that semester in college when I took multiple creative writing classes. The absolute worst semester to run face first into a wall of nothing. Despite having different professors for each class, they all seemed to have conspired against me to choose a common theme – personal.

You would think that would be easy, right? I mean who else knows you better than well, you? I drew a blank.  It was all downhill from there.

If you asked me to write your resume for you, no problem.  Your dating profile? I got you covered. I could even pen your Best Man’s speech for your brother’s wedding.

I don’t know what my roadblock is. I just know that the one thing preventing me from publishing my adoption profile website is the About Us page. It is just chilling on my screen. Mocking me.

I didn’t have a picture of Nelson from Universal Studios.  I did, however, have this gem of a selfie.  Doug will confirm this, Sideshow Bob had been making fun of me behind my back just before this was snapped.  Much like the empty text box I have been trying to fill these past few days.

A Springfield selfie!

A Springfield selfie!

This was a response post for today’s Daily Prompt: Fortune