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It was such a nice day on Saturday and despite my seasonal allergies rebelling against me, I wanted to go to a park.  The problem was I had to find one first. I have lived in this little suburban town for almost two years, but the only exploring I managed to do so far led me to doughnuts and ice-cream, lol.  So I hit the Google and found a very nice park not too far of a walk from home.

It was a very nice park.  It had baseball and soccer fields, and a large shady picnic area in the middle. There’s a pool and even a sprinkler park for the little ones.   There is even a recreational center where I can take yoga or zumba for only $5 a class! Here’s a quick little slideshow of some of the pics I took.

I had been telling mom about my day and we started reminiscing about the little park down the street from where I grew up.  It was much smaller, mainly just swings and one of those metal round-about-spinning-things that always made kids throw up.

She would push us in the swings and we would sing.  I would be in the bucket seat.  The old school one made out of hot black rubber with a tiny metal bar to hold you in.  My sister would be in the big kid swing also made of hot black rubber.  (It was the ’80s. If your flesh wasn’t scalded by the swings or the slides you weren’t having fun, lol.)

In the spirit of Sunday’s springtime nostalgia, I thought I would share some of the songs we would swing to and sing.

What were your favorite childhood songs?