Traditionally classic with a twist. Those were the words we used when asked what our wedding theme was. Two years later these words still ring true. We like to put our little stamp on things. Doesn’t everyone?

You’re probably wondering why I (Mia) am getting all nostalgic up in here about weddings. Let me explain.  It’s my really good friend’s fault.  She’s planning her wedding.  That’s all I needed to hear before the gears started going again, lol.

But I digress, back to me (us), lol.  I decided it was time to finally put up the Pinterest Board I meant to do like two years ago.  This requires me to describe our wedding theme.  I admit this is an odd way to start a blog post.  But the simple task of creating a Pinterest board, has given me (us) the answers, words, adjectives we have been trying to pin down lately. <- Like what I did there? Lol.

Describing yourself should be easy, no? Nope. We start typing. Then deleting. Cursor blinking at us over the blank field, judging.

We’re quirky. Fun. Unapologetically geeky. It’s true, lol, but hard to show. Explain. Express. Short of speaking like Yoda. Do that I can. Doug can speak fluent movie quotes. Neither of which really expresses who we are.

We collect LEGOS. We build large sets together.  We have videos of us doing so. But it’s hard to show someone how much we would love to be able to share this passion with a child of our own one day. To welcome a little builder into our family.

So this is where we circle back to traditionally classic with a twist.  Our ceremony was in a church, but not the full mass. I (Mia) walked down the aisle to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujiah (piano only). Together we walked back up the aisle to the Hallelujiah Chorus on the organ.


Our rings were family heirlooms passed down to us from our parents and grandparents. I (Mia) wore converse under my ball gown style wedding dress.  I had TARDIS charms on the laces and matching socks.  There was transformer pinned to the garter belt, too.

Our bridal party walked into the reception to The Muppets Manah Manah. Our table had a LEGO heart, built by Doug, with a bride and groom. We cut our cake to Star Wars Cantina Song. Luke & Leia stood atop our cake.   We even had a giant armadillo groom’s cake, because Steal Magnolias.

This is us. This is how we do. We embrace our geeky side. We selfie. Snapchat. Netflix and chill. Jump in the car and drive out of state. Foodies. Donuts are life.

We are open. Honest. Tell it like it is.

Our friends are our family. Our family are our friends.

We are hoping to become parents through private adoption.

We have a Facebook page. We Instagram. We Pinterest. We even Tweet.  This is where we share all of the things about ourselves we cannot find the words for.

We respond to DMs, PMs, tags, comments, and snaps. We appreciate all likes, follows, shares, visits, and messages passed on to others on our behalf.

If you prefer email, texts, or phone calls – we answer those, too!


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