In honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow, I (Mia) baked a turkey cake today.  It’s not as gross as it sounds, lol.  The cake looks like a turkey.
I love baking.  I just have not always had very good luck with baking.  It’s not my fault the cake exploded. I was 9.
True story.  I baked my very first cake with my mom.  My job was to put the pre-measured ingredients in the bowl when I was told to.
It seemed we skipped the baking powder along the way.  I was quickly measured and handed to me to be tossed in at the very end.  At least we think it was baking powder. We think it was mostly measured.
Well, long story short, there was a bang in the oven. The middle of the cake was all over the oven.
As an adult with a Pinterest problem, I have bravely headed back into the kitchen to bake.  I have not exploded any more cakes, yet, anyway, lol.  I have, however had a few disasters.
Growing up my entire family was obsessed with the Entenmann’s chocolate chip cake.  Naturally, they stopped making it. So we moved on to a boxed chocolate chip cake. 
I had promised my friend I would make a chocolate chip cake for a New Year’s Eve party she was having.  I baked it in a Cookie Monster cake pan and later frosted him blue.  It smelled really good. 
I never did find out how it tasted.  Seems in the middle of the night "aliens" invaded the kitchen and ate the entire cake. That too, sadly no longer sits on the shelves.  That was a problem.
I found a recipe on Pinterest for the closest version to the Entenmann’s cake as possible.  The first try, the batter was like paste.  I scrapped it and tried again.  The second time, not much improvement.  I baked it anyway.  It took way longer to bake than it should have.  The outside of the cake looked good. It smelled good. None of could get past the first forkful. It ended up in the trash bin. 
So for Thanksgiving, I decided to try it again.  I purchased a white cake mix. I powdered a cup of semi-sweet chips in some of the dry mix to keep them from sinking. Folded them into the batter. Poured it into my bundt pan and crossed my fingers.

I was more worried about the decor on the cake than messing up the mix. LOL. I microwaved some frosting to make it a glaze to pour over the cake. I popped a wafer
cone,covered  in frosting, in the middle. I stuck some M&Ms on top and voila!  A turkey cake is born!

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